Never Great Again

I miss Michael Jackson and his humanitarian thoughts that would be very useful these days. With all these disasters and suffering all over the world, artists could come together to raise funds. A single song like ‘We Are The World’ managed to raise so much and help so many people to this day.

 Instead, people are putting the artists against each other, saying, “Oh, Rihanna donated and did this and that, where’s Beyoncé’s activism now?” But Beyoncé also did this, helped the refugees and donated to those in need.

 They should have support to work together with other artists, but people are only worried about judging.



CK, my dear, what are you doing? Are you gonna write a blog about random issues? Like WHAAAT?

Yes, I’m already doing this. Just accept. 

So, it’s better don’t expect extensives texts here. Maybe I should go to Twitter. I know. And I don’t care. I can’t say what I need in only 140/280 characters. Deal with it.

K of Kylie

Okay, I’m not going to promote this sh*t, because I don’t even care if someone’s reading. How many blogs did you ever seen that’s a completely mess, posting about what is the new fresh thing on instagram. Who cares about it? It’s so superficial. And I consider myself as a really superficial person but this is too much even to me. 

All this starts with Paris H and Kim K, and now look that: we got Kylie J and her squad, running the town, being ‘It girls’. Even with the pregnancy rumors. Idk. 

Kylie is slaying all these f*cking b*tches whose thinks they can be half of what she became. 

I love her style, how she influences all the girls even indirectly. I know a lot of chicks who wear Kylie’s clothing style and doesn’t knows who she is.

It’s like thought that CHANEL it’s just a perfume name. 

Poor Britney

The critics of the 90’s were very wrong. Wtf Britney have so special? She was just on time in the right place, with the right people. I don’t hate Britney, I just think she’s overrated. She was only good in 99, then it was over. Britney’s bad luck was the birth of Beyoncé. As said in “The Good Place” – you have to watch this series – the universe has a level of 104% perfection, and that’s how Beyonce came. Whatever people admired at Spears, Beyoncé did better and keeps on doing. To dance, to sing, to perform. Britney has already admitted that Beyoncé is a “triple threat” because she can do anything. There is a plateau of excellence with her name, and only she is there. The rest of the artists that are organized below it. Above Beyoncé, only Michael Jackson.